Rita Tate is a floral designer, stylist and event coordinator living in Santa Barbara, California. Her background is in visual merchandising and fine art. She grew up in an artistic household, her father a ceramicist and mother a fiber artist. Elements of this as well as the rural and wild landscape she witnessed through childhood are represented in her organic and natural designs.    


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At Vignette, we collaborate with the natural world to showcase its inherent beauty. Arrangements can be anywhere from dark and brooding to the sweetest and most simple composition. Contrast in each comes not only in the form of color, but also in relation to texture. Our materials rely on the best each season has to offer, using materials grown and foraged locally as much as possible. We seek out rare and unusual flowers, seed-pods, wild grasses and branches to open up the realm of floral design to include to what Santa Barbara grows best. Event styling and coordination focuses on bringing local artists and businesses together to create a beautiful scene where each element has a story to tell. Linens and silk ribbon is hand-dyed, and the ceramics used are created by local artisans. Vignette represents the best California has to offer with its curated compositions and local products.  


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Artistry & Adventure

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